Our second SALA Festival exhibition featuring 18 amazing Adelaide, PAC artists and the second installment of #projectawesome, featuring customised, original, one of a kind wearable works of art in the form of bum bags!!  Or as they are sometimes known, fanny packs. What a show and what a great launch night!! 

Photo credits go to Cameron Pozza and Frank Lynch of Image Construction. Huge thanks and shout outs to everyone involved. Artists involved  in this years show are - Barbarella Accordato, Cooper Pinch, Matthew Shaw, James Morphett, Nick Fahey, Jade Mars, Boadicea Kitchen, Althea Mallee, Hannah Bailey, Kat Coppock, Penny Parker, Tyler Penny, Charlotte Tatton, Holley Rentsch, Angus Smith, Oliver Vallelonga, Jimmy Harous and Angelina Franchi.

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