Welcome to f.A's where the vintage is rad, the flavour is sweet and the love of the shoulder pad will never die.


f.A.'s is your 80s 90s vintage specialist, based in Adelaide, South Australia and currently trading online via Etsy.

We're about all things pop culture. Art, movies, books, music...these things matter! This stuff is the glue....

We also like to support our local artists through ventures such as our customised vintage denim collection. These are the people that are going to make the future a place worth sticking around in. So we like to get behind them and help keep them doing what they do so good, cos heaven knows we'd be miserable without them! 

While we're providing you with totally awesome vintage clothing and maybe if we're lucky, being responsible for recruiting a few newbies to the 80s/90s addiction along the way, we're also hoping to change a few minds while we're at it. Change how you think about fashion. Maybe change how you look at other people because of how they are dressed. Maybe raise some awareness about what goes through your mind when you see someone wearing something a bit different. And make you stop and think about what that voice in your head says about you as much as what it says about them.

Clothes are a powerful medium. Just like art, they can challenge your perceptions, make you think and make you question. You can love it or you can hate it but if it makes you feel something- that's a job well done!  

f.A.'s believes fashion is for every body. Not everything will fit everybody but every THING is for every BODY.  So yeah, we classify all of our items as 'unisex'. If you dig it, wear it. We've got your back.

 Change your clothes, change your mind. #get changed #fannyadamsvintage



Custom Vintage 'Levis' Denim Jacket

Dude in a skirt shouldn't mean anything but dude felt like wearing a skirt. Chick with a shaved head means chick felt like rockin' a shaved  bonce. If my brother wants to sport some fake lashes and some lippy, he should, it suits him. It should mean nothing more or less than when my sister doesn't wear make up.


Ya see where we're going with this? Acceptance, tolerance, expression, understanding, knowledge, art.........these are a few of our favourite things.

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